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Providing students with an innovative learning experience that couples a high-tech curriculum with hands-on learning, while preparing them for a successful and rewarding career.  

Are you interested in the 4T Academy? We’re currently accepting applications for local high school students grades 9 – 12. Get started on your path to success today!

Welcome to the 4T

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What students are saying…

A high-tech, hands-on learning experience!

What students need to know...​

Get ready to do something big! This program combines hands-on learning and a cutting-edge curriculum all aimed at helping you figure out if manufacturing could be the right career path for you. Open to freshman through seniors, students will study a custom-tailored curriculum in the classroom, and juniors and seniors will work alongside field experts to see first-hand what it’s like to be a part of the largest auto-manufacturer on the globe. And, seniors receive a paid internship! Click below to start your application now!

4T helps change potential into POWER!

What parents need to know...

4T Academy helps give students greater visibility to career options within the manufacturing sector and the region. Whether or not college is in the future, 4T Academy gives students who thrive in a technical, hands-on environment an outstanding opportunity to learn and earn before graduation. Innovative programs like 4T are vital to the success of our students, community and future workforce.

While an average of 68% of high school graduates enroll in college, only 38% graduate. This innovative program will provide an opportunity for your student to figure out if manufacturing is a part of their future career while they’re in high school. The tailored curriculum, hands-on participation and paid internship opportunities, will help to prepare your student for some options that are close to home—whatever their post-graduation plans may be.

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Frequently asked questions and more...

The 4T hub

The name 4T stands for each of the school mascots Tigers (Princeton Community High School), Trojans (Wood Memorial High School), Titans (Gibson Southern High School), and Toyota.

4T Academy is a perfect option for students that are interested in expanding their skills in STEM. This program will give students the opportunity to learn the basic and technological skills needed for working in a manufacturing environment, from line workers to managers and engineers.  

The goal is to help connect upper-level students in three high schools in the county with career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. By collaborating with local schools, we are creating a workforce solution—but, more importantly—providing greater visibility to student career options and pathways in the region.

The 4T curriculum includes classes on manufacturing, engineering, computer science, precision machining, Industrial automation & robotics, industrial maintenance and environmental sustainability. The high school-based advanced manufacturing curriculum is also dual credited by Ivy Tech. And as a part of the 4T program, students will also participate in hand-on job training at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana.

Simply fill out and submit the application form linked below.