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What Students Need To Know...

Get ready to do something big! 4T offers high tech, fast paced, career opportunities in manufacturing, and you get paid to learn.  Currently open to juniors and seniors, the 4T Academy allows you to work for the world’s largest vehicle maker and complete your academic coursework. Click below to start your application now!



What Parents Need To Know...

4T Academy not only gives students a better understanding of career pathways in manufacturing, it’s also a great opportunity for high schoolers who thrive in a technical, hands-on environment. During their last semester in the program, seniors are paid starting at $16 per hour (or higher depending on plant site).

No matter what their plans might be after graduation, this innovative learning experience will provide an opportunity for your student to discover if advanced manufacturing has a role in their future. The tailored curriculum, hands-on participation and paid internship opportunities will help your student see they have career options that are well-paid, fulfilling and close to home.

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The 4T Hub

The name 4T stands for Team, Teach, Together, Toyota.

4T Academy is an incredible option for students who are interested in STEM. This program will give you the opportunity to learn the basic technological skills needed in a manufacturing environment from line workers to managers and engineers.

The goal is to help connect upper-level students in local high schools with career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. By collaborating with local schools, we are creating a workforce solution AND giving students greater exposure to stable, high-paying career options and pathways in the region.

The 4T curriculum includes classes on manufacturing, engineering, computer science, precision machining, industrial automation & robotics, industrial maintenance and environmental sustainability. As a part of the 4T program, students will also participate in hands-on job training at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia.

Simply fill out and submit the application form linked below.

Juniors will receive credits at their home high school. All core subjects will be taken at their high school. Students will be responsible for making up missed work when at the Toyota plant. 

Seniors may take their core subjects through virtual school at the career center or at their respective high school.

Days will be determined by each Career Center prior to the school year. Juniors will be at the plant for a total of one day. Seniors will be at the plant for a total of 2 days for their first semester and four days their second semester.

Seniors will receive a starting wage of $16 an hour for second semester hours at the plant.

The Department of Education will provide all transportation to the Career Centers and to Toyota. Students can drive to the Career Center if they have transportation. Students are NOT allowed to drive to Toyota.

Once the program is successfully completed with good academic standing and good job performance standings at Toyota, students will be offered a full-time production position at Toyota.

Students will be offered the position as a Production Track Team Member. This position assembles engines and transmissions on the production lines.

No. Of course, the overall goal is for a student to be employed at the plant. However, students wanting to further their education through AMT and/or college can do so. There is no written contract that students must work at Toyota.

This program is completely free for juniors and offers hourly pay for seniors!

The 4T Academy focuses on production while AMT focuses on maintenance. 4T will be working with students to become production team members – assembling engines and transmissions on the production lines. The AMT program trains students to work in the maintenance department at Toyota – repairing, replacing, and troubleshooting equipment needed for production (i.e., Conveyor line repairs). AMT graduates must pass the maintenance test to be hired full-time as a maintenance team member. To be a maintenance team member, students must take the AMT program at BridgeValley.

Students should reach out to their high school counselors or Career Center principals for detailed information and the application process.

Deana Marcum, HR Manager at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, WV

Dr. Shawn Rivera, Group Leader Training and Development (4T Academy Instructor)


Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, 1 Sugar Maple Ln, Buffalo, WV 25033